How to Water Damage Repair Your iPhone

If you’re wondering how to water damage repair your iPhone, this guide will give you some great tips. First, make sure your phone is completely dry before you begin. Water damage can cause a number of issues with your iPhone, including poor service, a’sticky’ Apple logo, and even corrosion inside the charging port. Unfortunately, iPhones with water damage aren’t covered by the warranty. To find out if your phone is water damaged, you should remove the case and look in the SIM card tray, located about an inch below the side button.

One of the most common symptoms of water damage is a non-functioning Home button. To avoid this, you should use AssistiveTouch, which places hardware buttons on the screen so that you can lock the screen and adjust the volume. If you’re not comfortable removing the phone’s battery, a USB dock or Bluetooth headphones can help. Make sure the USB dock is compatible with your iPhone. If not, you can use the device to charge your phone while it’s charging.

Some companies offer a free water damage diagnostic, but others may charge a fee based on how complicated the repair is. If you’re out of warranty, you’ll likely have to pay a fixed fee to get your phone back. Some iPhone repair specialists offer a 30-day warranty on their parts and labor. Others offer free diagnostics, but you’ll need to pay a fee if your phone is out of warranty.

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