Casinos have way more to offer than just gambling and nice locations. Although that is already breathtaking. However, you can even start a career there. Not as a gambler but as a professional in this field. Here you can read about all the necessary information. But also do your own research. For sure is: the casino world has a lot to offer.


Added value as an employee in the online casino

Often, your employer will take good care of you even before you start work. Flights or the hotel for the first weeks are completely taken care of until you find your own place to stay. Such relocation packages are now standard and can range from €500 for a new support agent to several thousand euros for higher positions.

With all the paperwork with authorities (which by the way is much less complicated than in Germany) there is almost always someone to help you. Depending on the job, private health insurance is also offered for the employee and his family. Other perks include free gym memberships, continuing education, free drinks and snacks at work, or great company parties.

Quality of life

The insular nature of most gambling paradises is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, it’s indescribable to work where others vacation. On top of that, taxes and cost of living are very low.

For some, however, Malta became too small after a while. Whether living abroad/working for a gambling company is really something you should try out. But you will not harm yourself (and your family).

Are online casino jobs legal?

Of course, we are not lawyers and cannot offer legal advice. However, most gambling jobs within the EU are clearly as legal as working as an office clerk or bricklayer in Germany. On July 1, 2021, the new State Gambling Treaty came into force, regulating sports betting and slots on the Internet.

Of course, there are also dubious employers who try to rip off players with dubious overseas licenses. However, the bulk of online casino jobs are with the big licensed companies. You can read detailed experiences of other employees on portals like Glassdoor or Kununu and get a better impression.

Get a picture of working in an online casino

Why don’t you register yourself at an online casino or sports betting provider to get an impression of your possible future employer? For the job interview, a first insight into the matter is not wrong.

Since most online casinos give away bonus credits and free spins to attract customers, you do not have to deposit real money. We have listed you a few casinos with guaranteed free free spins and free bonus credits.

All of them are also licensed in Europe. This is actually one of the most important points. Because of course there are black sheep among online casinos. You certainly won’t want to work at one that rips people off. Now it is up to you to make the right decision.

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