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If you’re trying to build a business around PNGme API, there are many things to consider. Among these things are scaleability, permission control, and authenticity.

Authentication is not required

Pngme is a credit and lending data platform for digital banks in sub-Saharan Africa. The company’s scalable API architecture has already helped financial institutions create a more comprehensive picture of an individual’s finances. Specifically, it enables them to build enhanced credit reports and lower loan defaults. In fact, some customers have actually seen reductions in defaults as large as 21%.

Using Pngme, Tier One African Banks have been able to provide their customers with a wide variety of data driven products and services. Some of these offerings include credit scores and scores for credit bureaus, and a lending and borrowing platform that allows clients to manage their loans and credit cards from one account. With Pngme’s suite of tools, clients can build credit reports that make sense to them. Using the company’s technology stack, they’re able to automate lending in sub-Saharan markets while ensuring that their customers are provided with the best deals possible.

Pngme’s newest offering is an AI powered customer management platform. This is designed to provide an easy to use platform for non-technical customers that are in need of a robust, scalable solution to their lending and payment needs.

Permission control

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Pngme is a credit and lending data API aimed at subsaharan Africa. It offers financial institutions an open platform and developer tools to create a holistic view of an individual’s finances. This platform allows lenders to underwrite loans and create enhanced credit reports. Moreover, the platform provides access to credit-invisible customers. And, with Pngme’s mobile SDK, lenders can also track and analyze user behavior on the go.

The Pngme platform will also allow consumers to easily aggregate and manage their own financial data. By creating a unified set of consumer financial data, it will help lenders make smarter decisions when underwriting and approving loans. Furthermore, it will provide a wealth of financial insights that will enable financial institutions to reduce loan defaults.

Pngme has already collected a wealth of financial data on its users, and the team has made it accessible for lenders through a scalable and flexible API architecture. It has also built a toolkit that helps financial institutions build improved credit reports. These tools have helped their customers reduce default rates by as much as 21%.

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